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Medical Components and Devices

With extensive knowledge and experience in manufacturing class I and Class II medical devices, Acot offers high quality and value-added components contributing to people’s mobility and health.

Acot is proud of its history in co-developing medical devices together with our customers. The team’s know-how and professionalism ensure compliance with customer’s quality standards and the medical regulatory requirements.

  • Medical Devices

    Medical Devices

    • Cold Therapy Device• Device housing

  • Diagnostic Components

    Diagnostic Components

    • Blood Analysis Unit• Cassette

  • Dental Components

    Dental Components

    • Treatment Unit• X-ray Unit• Dental Disposables

  • Healthcare Orthopaedics

    Healthcare Orthopaedics

    • Ankle Brace• Knee Brace• Wrist Brace

  • Registered Contract Manufacturer

    Registered Contract Manufacturer

    Acot's operation is certified with ISO13485, thus the production process can meet the requirements of medical device. We invest in automation on the large volume production. The extrusion line and automatic strap stitching line provides us not only higher efficiency but also greater quality assurance.

  • Reliable Production Site

    Reliable Production Site

    Acot is a registered manufacturer at US FDA. Years of proven expertise in Class II and Class I devices has built us an established supply chain with anti-impact resins, carbon fiber and soft goods. We work collaboratively with the supply pool to exceed customers’ expectations on products.

  • Quality Control & Traceability

    Quality Control & Traceability

    The key to ensure the medical devices safety is quality control and traceability. We have traceability record from incomings to final assembly. Measuring and testing are implemented during the manufacturing process, which is planned during new product development.

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